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Pantechnik powers logistics solutions for a wide range of global corporations in sectors as diverse as logistic service providers (3PLs), healthcare manufacturing, high-tech, automotive and after-market parts.
Our solutions enhance efficiency and enforce best practice for high volume shippers across all elements of the shipping process.
We measure our success on your success. We believe in providing quality services for your business that provide real results, improving operational performance and saving your business money.

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Case Studies

DB Schenker

DB Schenker needed to improve processes by changing the system from reactive to proactive and improve the customer experience.

DB Schenker’s original system was both costly and inefficient. All shipment information had to be manually entered by a dedicated team. Monitoring daily shipments, checking lead times and statuses, pulling off PoDs from websites and retyping the information into a database in order to provide data to customers, were all manual processes which were time consuming and prone to errors.

Niels Troost, Business Development Manager at DB Schenker tells how Pantechnik’s solutions have helped DB Schenker to improve processes, reduce costs and offer their client’s end-to-end visibility and multi-carrier management.


Cummins needed to take control of their shipping, streamline operations and improve warehouse efficiency.

For global shippers like Cummins, managing huge numbers of global and local carriers can be extremely challenging and time-consuming. Cummins had difficulty managing carrier information and shipment specifications. Producing shipping labels and transmitting shipping information according to each carrier’s specifications was very challenging.

Kristian van Loock, Logistics Coordinator at Cummins, explains how Pantechnik’s shipping solutions have help Cummins to manage transportation and improve their processes.


Xerox needed a shipping solution that could handle multiple carriers all on one system.

Over recent years the Xerox supply chain changed dramatically. In the past, deliveries were made to distribution centres, now they are made directly to the customer. As a result of this, the number of addresses has increased from several dozen to potentially every address in Europe.


Baush+Lomb needed a system that could link all of their carriers and enforce carrier compliance.

Baush+Lomb were using 25 different carriers, each with their own different services – 24hrs delivery, 48hr, pre 8, pre 10 etc. Each carrier uses a specific type of barcode and codes were not always compatible with Bausch+Lomb’s software. Label maintenance for such a large number of carriers was costing the company a lot of money and was extremely labour intensive.

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